Certification Programs

ADRSE is a not-for-profit, fully taxpaying corporation that exists to promote repair industry excellence through individual certification that is portable and independent of the employer.  We certify the repair technician and service professional not the cell phone repair shop.

ADRSE began providing third-party assessment through its own certification programs because it was recognized there was a need to verify cell phone and tablet repair technicians had sufficient training in industry standards, including troubleshooting techniques, knowledge of test equipment, ethics, and vendor-neutral device repairs.

Aligning with the ISO 17024 standards, and collaborating with education providers and industry professionals, ADRSE certifications test the knowledge and hands-on skills needed in today’s mobility repair industry. ADRSE currently offers Stand-Alone Certifications in 4 certification programs on all cell phone and tablet repair-related fields.

ADRSE tests and certifies hundreds of technicians and industry specialists every year.  ADRSE actively supports training and education through working with ADRSE-approved schools and courses.

An ADRSE certification signifies that the holder has demonstrated professional proficiency and has the technical knowledge and skill to meet international mobility repair industry standards.  Our certification programs are non-discriminatory, portable, vendor-neutral, objective, and affordable, which sets ADRSE apart from other manufacturer and product-related certifications.

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