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What Can ADRSE Do For You?

For Technicians

ADRSE certification is all about setting yourself apart from your competition.  Becoming a certified cell phone and mobility repair technician lets your customer, employers, and other people know that you’ve demonstrated that you’ve gone the extra mile.


Anyone can turn a screwdriver.  Earning an ADRSE certification proves that you have the knowledge and skills and will provide the utmost care and superior repair service to your customers devices.


Set yourself apart.  Become ADRSE certified.

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For Employers

ADRSE certification promotes excellent cell phone repair service.  It’s also part of a solid business strategy.


Hiring ADRSE technicians helps you attract customers, ensure quality, and stand out in your market.  One of the best competitive advantages you can create for your business is confidence your customers place in your technicians.


When your technicians are ADRSE certified it demonstrates that they are a solid step above the average repair technician.  That’s great for customers peace of mind – and great for your business.

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The International Association of Device Repair Service Excellence, ADRSE, represents the only mobility certification in the electronics repair industry.  We represent the standard for the Repair Technician and Educator, to the corporate institution.


Widely known for our vendor neutral certifications, ADRSE helps you advance your knowledge and expertise in the mobile device repair industry.


Set yourself apart.  Become ADRSE certified.

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